My fondest dream is that it will be the date movie that breaks up couples nationwide. Maybe people will walk out of there and think, ‘Maybe not. I don’t know if I know you well enough.’

Gillian Flynn on Gone Girl (2014), dir. David Fincher (via paulthomasandersonn)

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And here’s a mix of photos from Shaguna’s visit to England. Some are from Hampton Court (Henry the VIII’s digs), some from Brighton Pier, Beachy Head, and some from the Royal Pavilion (also in Brighton). 

Of course I loved having them visit us—it is so strange when two different worlds collide. We were family friends in Houston and would go over to each other’s houses all the time on weekends casually. Now that my parents live in England, they have to make a point to call each other (working around the 6 hours time difference) through Reliance or some international phone service OR take a 9 hour plane ride across the world. It’s not casual or simple or easy, but we are still friends. I think that’s amazing and I know why our families work together. We do things for each other, not worrying about throwing Gatsby-esque parties or amassing many friends, or giving lavish gifts for birthdays and occasions. We are constantly doing things for each other, be it providing places to stay, rides to and from the airport, or just company to replace the blood relatives that can’t be there (because almost all of my relatives live in India).

I don’t know where I’m going with this, but basically I just feel really grateful for friendships like this. When your’e a kid being dragged to family party after family party, it’s really hard to appreciate how close families can get. They can be super-friends because it isn’t just one person providing support for another, it’s two groups bonding. Wow I sound like a mushball but I might be onto something. Just think about the families close to you—imagine them being there for the big events in your life, but also for the small moments where you don’t think help is indispensable, but it makes all the difference. 

Sooo yes these photos just capture some things I want to remember.


Young Lion